Juho Vainio

Industrial design student by day & visual artist by night. Exploring creativity.


You try and try to be someone who is strong and brave but right beneath the perceived and ideal self stands merely a tangled web of strings that holds you up.

Materials: Wire, model foam and plywood

Luannikas Rauman historia

Short teaser for an upcoming summer theater show in Rauma, Finland by Teatteri Routa

Teaser crew

Director: Alistair Logan

Assistant Director: Matti Toivio

Screenwriter: Ville Hymylä

Actors: Matti Toivio, Anu Hoskin Logan, Juha Koistinen

Music: Olli Rindell

Camera&edit: Juho Vainio

Intro Graphics for TEDxTurku

Music: Niko Pettersen
Video: Juho Vainio

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

- Albert Einstein